Forced Update
How to preform a Forced Firmware Update - Quick Instructions
  • Before forcing a firmware update check that there are no planned recordings within at least the next 15 minutes.
  • Turn your Sky box off at the wall.
  • Hold down the “Back Up” button on the top or front of your Sky box.
  • Turn your Sky box back on at the wall while still holding down the “Back Up" button.
  • Continue to hold down the “Back Up” button until the four LED’s on the front of your Sky box (Telephone, Internet, Remote and Power) light up and the “UPDATING SYSTEM SOFTWARE” message is displayed on the TV.
  • The Firmware Update should take approximately 10 minutes, after which your sky box will reboot and be left in standby.
Further Information
  • For further information on software updates and how to perform a forced update click here.