Automatic Update Only
What does it mean?
  • If the firmware version listed has a Red background then it is currently not possible to force your Sky box to update to this version.
  • Your Sky box will be automatically updated to this version, or a newer version by Sky during the night.
  • It can take Sky 2-3 months to automatically update all Sky boxes to a newer version of software, this is because small groups of boxes are updated at a time to minimise the impact if a problem occurred.
What do I need to do?
  • Not much, just make sure you leave your Sky box in standby during the night.
  • Automatic updates typically occur around 2am, as long as your box is in standby around that time then you'll be fine.
I want it now
  • I'm afraid you can't, if a firmware version is only available through automatic update then there‚Äôs no way the customer can force update their box to this version.
  • Normally the purpose of new versions being automatic update only is so that if customers experience problems with the new firmware they can backdate their boxes firmware to the previous stable version by conducting a "forced update".