Important Information
The Problem
Unfortunately due to various technical reasons Sky has taken the decision to stop all development for Thomson Sky+HD boxes. This means that Thomson Sky+HD boxes will no longer receive any updates, bug fixes or new features.
Therefore owners of these boxes are unable to benefit from new features such as:
  • New Sky+HD Home page
  • OnDemand and CatchUp TV
  • Enhanced search
  • Undelete
  • Using the Sky+ app as a remote control
  • Smart Series Links
  • Expanded Manual Tuning Options
Also as of June 2014 Sky is making changes to the encryption and pairing technique used on encrypted HD channels, the Thomson Sky+HD box does not support this new technique and will instead display a “Wrong Viewing Card” error when trying to view encrypted HD channels.
What happens now
If you are a Sky TV customer on any TV package and currently use a Thomson Sky+HD box to receive your subscription, give Sky a ring to discuss your options for upgrading.