New Features
  • This update introduces the new "enhanced sky guide" with updated "pinpoint HD graphics" to give a more modern and sleeker look.
  • Usability is improved as the animation when scrolling sideways has been removed.
  • The number of channels on each page of the TV guide has been increased from 6 to 8 so it's easier to browse channels.
  • A new font has been included which makes reading the TVGuide easier.
  • Genre tabs have been added to the sky+ planner page so users can browse through there recording based on categories like, kids, movies, documentaries just as you can with the TV guide.
  • A new feature called quick links has been introduced, when you change category in the TV guide a page is displayed which has 5 buttons on it giving you the option to either “View Channels”, “Recordings”, “OnDemand”, “Rentals” or “Search” in that particular category.
  • When the Mini Tv is disable you no longer have 11 channels on screen.