Bug Fixes
  • Many bug fixes including fixes for HD picture break up and stability improvements.
New Features
  • Addition of “Undelete” works like a computer recycle bin allowing you to retrieve recordings which may have been accidentally deleted.
  • The Documentaries tab within the TVGuide has been moved
  • Within the System Details tab the following changes have been made:
  • The “Manufacturer” is now shown as “Sky” rather than “Amstrad” for all DRX 890, 895 boxes.
  • “EPG Version” has been replaced with “Receiver ID”
  • The “Anytime+” tab has been renamed “OnDemand”
  • At the same time as this update was rolled out the “Catch Up” menus within the “OnDemand” tab became available.
  • These menus did not require a software update to be enabled.