Important Announcement!
  • Pace boxes were initially updated with firmware version R008.063.72.00P, due to stability issues with that version Sky has taken the decision to remove that firmware version from use.
  • Despite not initially being released to pace boxes, this update has been added to the forced update stream to allow Pace box’s to be downgraded to this stable version of R008.
  • This firmware version contains all the features found in R008.063.72.00P, but does not show any stability issues.
  • Customers who’s Sky+HD box has been upgraded to version (R008.063.72.00P) will begin to be automatically downgraded to this previous stable version (R008.063.71.00P) from Tuesday 3rd December 2013.
  • You can read Sky's official announcement on the issue Here.
  • Your box must be connected to the internet to use the new connected search. Without this your box will default to the previous search feature.