New Features
  • Slight UI changes, such as repositioned new blue Sky logo & revised background image
  • Software notification system, the first time you turn your box on after a firmware update, an on screen message will be displayed informing you of the update and detailing what’s changed.
  • PPV purchases and monthly callbacks can now be made over the internet removing the need for a phone line. A phone connection is still required for interactive and Multiroom customers
  • Recording clash warning message has been changed slightly to help reduce possible confusion.
  • Updated search feature allowing users to search by anything e.g. title, actor, event, sport, with results for TV Guide and OnDemand now being displayed on the same page.
  • There’s no need to go into search to find something in your planner, simply start typing what you’re looking for and a list of suggestions will be displayed.
  • For internet connected Sky+HD boxes, showcase will now be updated more frequently and included shows which can be downloaded straight to your box as well as those available to play instantly.
  • Sky movies customers will find movies that are available to play instantly, now appear in the Sky Movies section of OnDemand with a play symbol beneath them.
  • Your box must be connected to the internet to use the new connected search. Without this your box will default to the previous search feature.