What's New
  • This update changes the visual look of the Sky Guide’s menu’s to bring it in line with the visual look of the Sky+HD box.
  • This update does not include the new “Home page” found on the Sky+HD box, the main method of navigating the Sky Guide remains the same as the previous R008 software.
  • To return to the currant channel being viewed in the TVGuide instead of 101 just press BackUp when watching live TV. (Note: you may sometimes need to press BackUp twice).
  • When watching live TV to jump to the last channel you were watching just press the left arrow on your Sky remote. (Note: The blue button still provides this function)
  • The SkyHD boxes MAC Address is now shown on the System details screen.
  • Content originating in HD is now highlighted with yellow text in the Planner, just like the TVGuide when the relevant option is enabled in the settings.
  • The “How to use Search” On Screen Message which appears when using the legacy search has been simplified.
  • Firmware added to DR stream on Tuesday 6th May 2014.