What's New - Page 1
  • Aesthetic improvements to the overall visual look of the Sky Guide.
  • New Sky+HD Home Page accessed by pressing the TVGuide button, this page displays 8 tiles which are links to the following Sky features:
    • TVGuide – Displays your 7 day TVGuide.
    • Planner – Takes you to your Sky+ Planner.
    • CatchUp TV – Takes you to the CatchUp section of OnDemand.
    • TV Box Sets – Takes you to the Box Sets section of OnDemand.
    • New Series – Highlights all the latest shows in one place, allowing you to record the next episode or CatchUp on the previous ones through OnDemand.
    • Best of OnDemand – This tile takes you to Showcase where some content is available to play instantly.
    • Sky Movies OnDemand – Takes you to the Sky Movies tab within OnDemand.
    • Sky Store – Takes you to the Sky Store tab within OnDemand.
  • The enhanced search feature is now accessed directly from the Home page, just start typing to search.
  • To return to the currant channel being viewed in the TVGuide instead of 101 just press BackUp when watching live TV. (Note: you may sometimes need to press BackUp twice).
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