Whats New - Page 1
  • The Showcase tile has been replaced with a Sports tile, this contains two tabs:
    • Guide - The 7 day TVGuide for sports channels.
    • Live - This will list all live sporting event’s either on now or on soon for any sport channel in chronological order. (Internet connection required for use)
  • The "New Series" tile has become New & Recommend, this contains the current New Series tab however there are now 2 additional tabs.
    • Showcase - The Showcase tab has been moved here, it will contain content relevant to your subscription which Sky wishes to promote.
    • Suggestions - The suggestions tab will display a list of the content in your planner on the left which you can scroll through, a list of recommended programs will be displayed on the right based on the planner program you have highlighted on the left. (Internet connection required for use)
  • The process of pairing a Sky Viewing Card to the SkyHD box has been simplified. When a Sky Viewing Card is inserted into the box which isnt paired to it a popup will be displayed on screen prompting the user to press Select to pair the card to the box. This feature requires an internet connection to the box.
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