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    Watch From Start
  • Never miss the start of a Sky Movie again if your Sky+HD box is connected to broadband. When selecting a Sky Movie that has already started, after the Search & Scan banner has dissapeared a message will appear in the bottom left of the screen prompting you to press Green to Watch from Start.
  • Once Green is pressed the box will then start downloading the movie from OnDemand and play it back. If the movie has been pushed to the boxes reserved storage by Sky then playback will begin instantly.
  • If you dismiss this message by pressing Back Up you can still Watch From Start by pressing Select to display the Search & Scan banner and then pressing Green.
  • Watchlist
  • A ‘Watchlist” tab has been added to the Sky Movies section. You can add movies to your Watchlist from the Sky Movies sections by pressing Green when a movie is highlighted. You can then press the Green button again to “Go to Watchlist”.
  • Movies in your Watchlist will be displayed in the order in which they were added to the list, with newest added first. However while in the Watchlist tab you can sort your Watchlist by pressing the Blue “Sort” button and selecting one of the following options:
    • A-Z: Sorts your Watchlist by alphabetical order.
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