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    Download All
  • Downloading a Series from Sky Box Sets just got easier. When you find a series you would like to download simply press “R” while the series is highlighted to Download All.
  • If the Sky Box Set is available in both HD and SD then depending on what your boxes “OnDemand Download Format” is set to, the box will either:
    • Give you the option to “Download All in HD” or “Download All in SD".
    • Or automatically download your preferred format.
  • The first two episodes in the series will then be downloaded to your planner and the remaining episodes will be listed in the planner stack as “Pending”.
  • When you start to playback an episode from your planner this will automatically trigger the next “Pending” episode in the stack to download.
  • The Download All feature will make sure that you always have at least two un-viewed episodes downloaded to your planner after the last “Viewed” episode.
  • You can manually trigger the download of a “Pending” episode by pressing Select while the episode is highlighted.
  • Note: If the Box Set expires from OnDemand while you still have “Pending” episodes in your planner, then those “Pending” episodes will disappear from your planner and be unavailable to view.
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