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    Sky Store: New Ways to Buy&Keep
  • When purchasing movies and Box Sets from Sky Store you will now have the option to choose either a Digital Copy with Blu-Ray or just a Digital copy, alongside the existing Digital Copy with DVD option.
  • Not all assets within the Sky Store catalogue support these new formats at launch, so you may not see all three Buy&Keep options listed when selecting a Box Set or Movie from Sky Store. However this will increase over time as new content is added.
  • Sky Store: Improved Signposting
  • When browsing the Sky Store catalogue, the Sky+HD box can now overlay banners across the top of the cover art to highlight items such as:
    • PRE-ORDER: Movies and TV Shows which are not currently available to watch on Sky Store, but can be pre-ordered now so they will be purchased and download to your Sky Box automatically on release day.
    • EARLY RELEASE: Movies and TV Shows which you can purchase today and watch on your Sky box, but the DVD/Blu-Ray has not currently been released for sale. The DVD/Blu-Ray will be automatically posted to you on release day, unless you choose the Digital Only option.
    • ON OFFER: Movies and TV Shows which are currently available at a special price or even free.
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