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    Sky Store Buy&Keep Box Sets
  • Support for Sky Store Buy&Keep Box Sets has been added to the software, you will now be able to purchase and then watch both Movie and TV Box Sets from the Sky Store section on your Sky Q boxes.
  • As with other Buy&Keep purchases, when purchasing a Box Set through Sky Store you will gain access to a digital version on all your Sky Store compatible devices as well as receiving a DVD copy in the post to keep.
  • Top Picks
  • The thumbnail image of any program within Top Picks which is currently on now will change to show a live Picture in Picture preview of the channel when the program tile is highlighted. Selecting the program will now also take the user directly to the channel in full screen.
  • Content from regional channels such as ITV can now appear within the Top Picks section.
  • Live Pay Per View content can now also appear within the Top Picks section.
  • Online Video Adverts
  • Video adverts can now appear before the start of content selected from the Online Video section.
  • Adverts will appear at frequent intervals but never during the middle of a video, only before one begins.
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