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    My Q
  • The “Continue”, “New Series” and “For You” vertical sub menus have been removed from the My Q section. Instead content in the My Q section will now be displayed on one screen and separated into sections by sub headings.
  • If relevent content is available, as standard My Q will contain the sub headings “Continue watching” & “New series this week” which will display recent content for these catagories. However additional sections can be created remotely to promote content based on what you like to watch.
  • High Contrast User Interface
  • For those people with visual impairment, a High Contrast option has been added to the Accessibility section. When enabled the Sky Q menus will switch to a monochrome style instead of the regular blue interface.
  • The high contrast option can be enabled by going to: Settings > Accessibility
  • Restart: Entertainment Shows
  • The Watch from Start option has been extended to support selected entertainment channels. When selecting a live program from one of these channels which started more than 5 minutes ago, if that episode is already available OnDemand, a message will appear on screen giving you the option to press Select to watch from start.
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