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    Sky Store: New Ways to Buy&Keep
  • When purchasing movies and Box Sets from Sky Store you will now have the option to choose either a Digital Copy with Blu-Ray or just a Digital copy, alongside the existing Digital Copy with DVD option.
  • Not all assets within the Sky Store catalogue support these new formats at launch, so you may not see all three Buy&Keep options listed when selecting a Box Set or Movie from Sky Store. However this will increase over time as new content is added.
  • The way Pre-Order and Early Release information is displayed has also been improved.
  • Parental Lock
  • You can now PIN protect items in your “Recordings” section by adding a parental lock to them.
  • You can lock existing recordings, downloads, purchases or rentals by swiping right when the item is highlighted, then selecting “Lock”. You can also lock future recordings using the same method in the “Scheduled” tab.
  • Items which have been locked will display a padlock symbol next to the programme title. You will need to enter your Sky TV PIN in order to remove the lock or play these programmes back.
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