Enabling Single Feed Mode
Because of the way satellite works Sky+ requires 2 satellite feeds from the Sky dish in order to be able to record two channels at once and record one channel while watching another.

If you live within a building with a communal satellite system you will typically only have one satellite feed from the satellite dish. You will probably also only have one satellite feed if you are upgrading from a standard Sky box.

If you have only one satellite feed from your satellite dish and you are unable to have a second feed installed. In order for your Sky+HD box to function correctly you will need to enable Single Feed Mode. This will limit your Sky+HD box to only being able to record one channel at a time, which will be the channel you are currently watching.

If you have only one satellite feed connected and you do not enable Single Feed Mode then your Sky+HD box may experience a loss of some TVGuide data as well as failed recordings.

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