Telephone Dialling Prefix
Sky boxes have the ability to make a dial up internet connection to Sky’s servers via the telephone line, this is used to transfer information about PPV purchases, ensure miltiroom boxes are in the same household and access the interactive services.

This connection relies on Sky’s servers being able to identify the phone number of the telephone line being used to make the connection, this is known as CLI (Caller Line Identifier). If you have your telephone number set to be withheld by your service provider, then you will need to add a dialing prefix to your Sky boxes telephone settings in order for your telephone number to be shown when your Sky box makes a dial up connection.

• SkyHD & Sky+HD boxes (except those made by Thomson) will now default to using the internet connection for these services instead of the telephone line if connected to the internet.
• You will not be able to change the dialling prefix while your box is currently connected to the internet, you would need to disconnect it first.
• DRX-890WL & DRX-895WL Sky+HD boxes, DRX-595L SkyHD boxes and all Sky Q boxes do not have a telephone port and dial up modem. These boxes must now use the internet connection for these services.

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