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    Ultra HD Support (Q Silver Boxes Only)
  • Support for Ultra High Definition has been added to the Sky Q Silver box, you can now set the Q Silver boxes Picture Resolution to 2160P by going to: Settings > Setup > Audio Visual.
  • When selecting this option the Q Silver box will automatically detect if your TV is 8bit or 10bit.
  • The "Sports" section on the homepage now features an Ultra HD sub-menu, any live Ultra HD sporting events will appear within this menu. From here you can either select them to view or record.
  • When you select to view a live program in either HD or SD which is also available in Ultra HD, a prompt will appear on screen asking if you want to switch to the Ultra HD version.
  • You can now set the “OnDemand Download Format” to default to Ultra HD, just go to: Settings > Setup > Preferences. Once set to this option, when selecting to download something from OnDemand, if available the Q Silver box will download the Ultra HD version of the program.
  • Ultra HD content will be available from 13th August 2016.
  • Auto Download
  • When you select to playback a program downloaded from either CatchUp TV or Sky Box Sets. If the next episode is available OnDemand and has not already been downloaded, then the Sky Q box will automatically schedule the next episode to download. This helps to ensure you have the next episode ready available to watch in your planner.
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