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  • Note: Kids content will not Auto Download.
  • The Auto Download feature can be disabled for all content at: Settings > Setup > Preferences.
  • Auto Play
  • When playing back a program downloaded from CatchUp TV or Sky Box Sets. If the next episode is available to watch in the planner stack, towards the end of the current episode a prompt will appear saying the “Next Episode will play in x seconds”.
  • You can then either press “Select” to watch the next episode straight away or press the “Dismiss” button to cancel. If you do not press the Dismiss button within 30s of the prompt appearing, then the next episode will start playing back automatically.
  • You can also swipe right when the prompt appears to select a different episode.
  • This feature can be disabled by going to: Settings > Setup > Preferences.
  • Precision Trick Play
  • When playing back a recording or download, swipe (or press) left or right to skip forwards or backwards by one minute, a preview will be shown on screen of that moment in the recording as you skip through.
  • You can also swipe and hold (or press and hold) to quickly skip forwards or backwards.
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