What's New - Page 2
    • Sky+ commands

      "Play" / "Pause"

      "Rewind" / "Fast Forward"

      "Skip 20 minutes" / "Go to 35 minutes"

      "Next Episode" / "Watch from Start"

    • Put the box into standby

      "Turn off"

      "Go to sleep"

  • Voice Search will also now use the same new overlay menu screen as Voice Control while speaking into the remote.
  • Voice Search and Voice Control are only available with the Sky Q Touch Remote, which comes as standard with Sky Q 2TB boxes only. Customers with Sky Q 1TB or Sky Q Mini boxes can purchase additional Touch Remotes via the Sky Accessories Shop to use Voice Search and Voice Control on those boxes.
  • Favourites
  • You can now create your own list of up to 99 favourite TV channels. To start setting up your favourite channels go to TV Guide > Favourites and select “Setup favourites”, then follow the 3-step process.
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