Sky+ Planner Rebuild
Your Sky+ box might be simple to use but under the hood there’s some complex stuff going on.

Through the normal operation of your Sky+ box, over time it is possible for the information on your Sky+ boxes hard drive to become out of sync with the true values. This can lead to issues with Live Pause, Recordings & Series Links among other things.

A Sky+ Planner Rebuild is an automated, non-destructive process which performs several housekeeping operations in order to fix issues with the information on your Sky+ boxes hard drive. Your recordings and series links will be safe when performing a Sky+ Planner Rebuild and will not be deleted.

If your experiencing issues with Live Pause, Recordings or Series Links then a Sky+ Planner Rebuild is the first step to try to fix these and other issue you may be experiencing. It is also recommended to periodically perform a Planner Rebuild in order to help prevent issues from occurring.

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